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  • michael says:

    Cool design, so slick. It reminds my of Buckminster Fuller's 'dymaxion car' that could also turn on the spot (though without a tethering cable 😉 )

  • John Marshall says:

    Thanks Michael. Bingo with the 'dymaxion car' reference. All 3 are hybrids of vehicles and products: TST_003 = Dualit + Airstream; RDO_002 = Bush TR82 + GM Futurliner and as you point out, MXR_011 = KitchenAid Mixer + Dymaxion Car. We are playing with futurism as a 'retro' phenomenon. The styling and colour palette is based on the 1950s RayGun Gothic – or as we like to call it SodaPop Chic!

  • Alex Sobolev says:

    Congratulations!!! I am glad to see your digital babies finally born.

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