November 2007

On Friday 23rd November was the second Product Scotland workshop (supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Methods Network programme). The subject for this workshop was the emerging field of digital product design. It was introduced and led by Jon Rogers and was held at the Visual Research Centre (VRC) at University of Dundee. Following on from the previous workshop, the themes explored were: Future Body, Future Food and Future City. These were explored through augmenting a found or bought object acquired by doing a rapid “city-sample”. Basically we all went out and got something and brought it back to the VRC where we spent the afternoon enhancing these objects by embedding a piece of electroluminescent (EL) material into them. Afterwards there was a reception at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) to look at the objects and talk about the day’s activities. There was an emphasis on not being intimidated by the technology (in this case it really couldn’t have been simpler) and having fun with it. Which we did. Like the previous workshop, the surprising thing was how much can be done in a short period.
The next workshop will be at Gray’s School of Art on 6th December, 2007.

I’ve been trying out ‘Weebly‘ (fast and easy) as a means of getting the archive for the ‘Perimeters, Boundaries and Borders’ exhibition online (the Fast-uk site is badly needing a Web 2.0 update). Most of the content that has been posted on this blog previously has been collected there and I’ve posted some new stuff, too.

I put together a transitional update site for rootoftwo using the online app ‘weebly‘ (sort of a blogging approach to web design). We’ll still have to overhaul our .com site at some point but this should do for the time being. There is some previously unseen stuff on there, too.