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A few hours of final tweaks…

Trouble in Paradise/Medi(t)ation of Survival at MoMAK gets its first visitors later today. We have a few hours left to fiddle with things and give THR_33 a few last tweaks.

RDO_002 is now happily working after we scoured Kyoto for a replacement power supply and had the Museum electrician hack the one we found.

TST_003 is now toasting again after a brief hiatus when the LEDs went on strike.

MXR_011 is designed to behave erratically and is doing just that.

The view the public never gets to see. The black area on TST_003’s platform is what triggers the QTI sensors to make it back up and turn.

Cezanne checking the Smile Scan. It covers quite a wide area and is very responsive. It will find and track up to 2 faces and will open the tea-house “eyes” based on the percentage that those faces are smiling. It scans the passage between THR_33 and Critical Art Ensemble‘s Genetic Modification Theater. This is also the main route between 2 of the Museum’s main gallery spaces.

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  1. Jennifer Hill

    Congratulations! Looks like fun – I hope you have a great response.

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