Et Dukkehjem

More work on the ‘Et Dukkehjem’ project. The first picture above shows ‘Nora’ and ‘Torvald’ with ‘Krogstad’ (or at least a prototype version of the table that will become ‘Krogstad’). Roger J. Berent and Kyle Hulewat – otherwise known as Metropolitan Architecture Practice are designing and making ‘Krogstad’. We recently saw Roger and Kyle’s FIT Furniture on a visit to their office and thought it would be perfect. So we invited them to collaborate by designing a custom table for the exhibition. We have also invited Karl Daubmann and PLY Architecture to collaborate with us by designing ‘Mrs. Linde’ – a lamp. We have still to resolve the details of ‘Dr. Rank’ other than he will be a rug. We are beginning the process of prototyping the electronics that will connect the furniture to the audience, each other and the Internet.

TORVALD, an armchair.
When Torvald is sat on a webcam is activated and begins streaming images to the project website.

NORA, a rocking stool.
When Nora is sat on and rocked lines from Ibsen’s play are uploaded from a database via Twitter to the project website. Nora also ‘twitters’ for the present audience by playing pre-recorded audio clips.

Mrs. LINDE, a lamp.
Mrs. Linde changes from a warm to a cool light quality/color and back again in a timed sequence.

KROGSTAD, a table.
Krogstad plays pre-recorded audio clips triggered by the audience and determined by the present state of Mrs. Linde.

Dr. RANK, a rug.
Dr. Rank acts as a switch changing the state of the objects from passive to active (with an audio cue – a doorbell) The rug will be used to define the extents of the work and cover any trailing wires.

Sherman Finch is helping us with the hardware and software.

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