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Cu/sp & Sh/ear

The image below is of  ‘Sh/ear’ (because you can shovel and spear with it). This is a rendering of what the final object should look like. We are also working on a knife called ‘Cu/sp’ – (because you can cut and spread with it).
We have a soft spot for the look and feel of disposable, plastic cutlery but hate using it once and throwing it away. We wondered if there was a way to make permanent, contemporary heirloom items that look and feel like what you would get from a take-away. Our final versions will be made from Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) an industrial ceramic material. They will retain their edge and stay sharp longer than metal cutlery.
fork with strawberry
This prototype is  so we can test how it feels in the hand and in the mouth. It was made on an FDM machine using orange ABS plastic. More soon.
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