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Design Festival Poker Clubs (events)

Dr Peter Barham and Debra Solomon

Giles Lane and Constance Fleuriot

Everything you wanted to know about molecular gastronomy, roadkill restaurants, feral robots, location-based mixed-media, microinjection erotism, making money-not art …and more.
Poker Club – During the Scottish Enlightment, thinkers gathered in Edinburgh to discuss big ideas over a glass of claret at the original Poker Club (which refers to a fireplace poker for ‘stirring things up’). New Media Scotland is resurrecting the name to hold a series of events, three of which will be held as part of the Six Cities Design Festival: Future Food with Dr Peter Barham and Debra Solomon (21st May), Future City with Giles Lane and Constance Fleuriot (22nd May), and Future Body with Adam Zaretsky and Regine Debatty (29th May).
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