et dukkehjem (video)

et dukkehjem from John Marshall on Vimeo.

This is a video made from some of the images captured by Torvald during the Chain Reaction festival 11-14 September, 2008, Skopje, Macedonia.

The project website was projected opposite the work:

Even when the work was turned off, people still made use of it:

There is a little photocell embedded in the seat of the armchair ‘Torvald’. This sends a message when it registers darkness. The webcam then takes an image. There is an accelerometer in the rocking stool ‘Nora’. When she is rocked this triggers a randomly selected line of her dialogue to be played as audio. A line of text from the play is also uploaded to the website via Twitter. There is a passive infrared sensor on the underside of the table ‘Krogstad’. As the table is approached the sensor triggers a randomly selected line of his dialogue to be played as audio. And the lamp ‘Mrs. Linde’ changes color from white to red. We plan to make the Arduino code, circuit diagrams and CAD files for ‘Torvald’ and ‘Nora’ available on the website.

Thanks to PLY Architecture and Metropolitan Architecture Practice for collaborating with us and designing ‘Mrs. Linde’ and ‘Krogstad’. Thanks also to Michael Rodemer and Sherman Finch for help with coding and electronics. We are also grateful to Trust for Mutual Understanding for supporting our travel to Macedonia and everyone at Line in Skopje for all the help.

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