Even More Et Dukkehjem

Still more work on the objects for ‘Et Dukkehjem’. The picture above shows me sitting on ‘Torvald’ with ‘Nora’ and a prototype of ‘Krogstad’. Roger J. Berent and Kyle Hulewat – (Metropolitan Architecture Practice) are designing and making ‘Krogstad’. They have sent over some renderings of what they are thinking for him:

There are some holes in him that will function as holders for rolled-up information we will print up about the project. It would seem that IKEA-inspired projects are of the zeitgeist. Designboom just posted a DIY IKEA coffin by Joe Scanlan:

Scanlan is the artist to whom Alex Coles attributes the term ‘DesignArt’ to – so we know we are in good company.

Karl Daubmann and PLY Architecture are collaborating with us by designing ‘Mrs. Linde’ – she was supposed to be a lamp but it would seem that Karl has got carried away and has designed an illuminated surface that will be controlled through interaction with the furniture in the space:

Still many issues to resolve. We have found a candidate for ‘Dr. Rank’ – a rug. We still need to see if it will work with the electronics that will connect the furniture to the audience, each other and the Internet. This is what we are planning:

TORVALD, an armchair. When Torvald is sat on a webcam is activated and begins streaming images to the project website.

NORA, a rocking stool. When Nora is sat on and rocked lines from Ibsen’s play are uploaded from a database via Twitter to the project website. Nora also ‘twitters’ for the present audience by playing pre-recorded audio clips.
Mrs. LINDE, a lamp. Mrs. Linde changes from a warm to a cool light quality/color and back again in a timed sequence.
KROGSTAD, a table. Krogstad plays pre-recorded audio clips triggered by the audience and determined by the present state of Mrs. Linde.
Dr. RANK, a rug. Dr. Rank acts as a switch changing the state of the objects from passive to active (with an audio cue). The rug will be used to define the extents of the work and cover any trailing wires.

If anyone is interested in Henrik Ibsen’s original play it is available at Project Gutenberg.

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