a responsive urban comfort object

menotme is a luminous, playful, responsive form activated by squeezing which causes it to blush and is designed to provoke public affection as a defense against post-industrial anxiety. menotme is an urban comfort object; part street toy, part environment. For the 2012 DLECTRICITY nighttime, outdoor contemporary art festival, rootoftwo + daub created menotme to inspire new types of social behavior, interaction and play. Participation was essential. The more you interacted with it, the more it performed.

Organic in form and feel, menotme created a comfy place to dawdle during the festival where informal social exchanges and a good cuddle with the work were encouraged.

rootoftwo + daub were interested in transforming the urban environment in ways that increase socialization and pleasure.
We did not fully anticipate the urge for twenty or more people to throw themselves at it simultaneously.

TITLE: menotme

PROJECT TYPE: Interactive Public Art

LOCATION: DLECTRICITY, Rackham Building at the Woodward & Warren Corner, 100 Farnsworth, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Design: Summer 2012
Completed: Fall 2012


CREDITS: John Marshall (rootoftwo), Cezanne Charles (rootoftwo) Karl Daubmann (daub)

Assisted by: Alexander Watanabe, Ben Hagenhofer-Daniell, Yun Tae Kim

DIMENSIONS: 12′ (L) x 12′ (W) x 12′ (H)

MEDIA: Vinyl beachballs, laundry-bag mesh, powermesh, lumber, Nylon webbing, buckles, Arduino microcontrollers, LEDs, sensors, fiberglass rods, Acrylic.