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We are an award-wining hybrid design studio currently based in metropolitan Detroit. We make hybrid design projects; social objects; experiences; and works for the public realm – typically at the scale of devices, furniture or small buildings.

what we do

rootoftwo is a research and practice-driven hybrid design studio

Our goal is to create a condition where we can perceive ourselves, the here and now and the future differently. Through humor, play, interaction and participation we work to disrupt, undermine and reframe systems, infrastructures, and networks. We research issues, materials, and technologies; develop related themes and narrative cases; create prototypes to test ideas and assumptions physically, conceptually, and contextually.

This ability to prototype and fabricate throughout the ideation, integration and implementation phases leads to fully resolved design, social objects, experiences, and works in the public realm. We have worked with clients, collaborators and institutions to present work in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Cézanne Charles


Cézanne specializes in user interaction and experience design, project management, data analysis, and public policy.


John Marshall


John specializes in electronics, programming, 3D design, digital fabrication, material finishing and prototyping.


our work

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Our goals are to create experimental objects and experiences that challenge assumptions, undermine expectations and reveal conventional behavior. Our work stems from how context informs and transforms behavior, interactions and relationships. We work with clients, collaborators and institutions across disciplinary domains. We are curious autodidacts! 

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