Tag: post-optimal objects

‘Et Dukkehjem’ is up and running and open to the public. Last night was the opening.

Setting up was not plain sailing. We had to improvise and install our own power. So there are more extension cords visible than I am happy with. Also, we fried 2 electrical transformers and ended up using locally bought speakers that don’t sound as good as the ones we brought. Anyway, the site is online and you can see updates from Nora and Torvald there: http://www.etdukkehjem.net/

After weeks of work (and a lot of sleep-deprivation) our piece ‘et dukkehjem’ is on its way to Macedonia for the 3rd Upgrade! International Gathering in Skopje, from September 11-14th, 2008. This event takes the form of a city-wide digital art and networked culture festival including exhibitions, screenings, live local and streamed performances and a program of lectures and workshops from over 20 cities across the world. The thematic focus ‘Chain Reaction’ explores issues of cultural development and growth in the local region as well as within digital networks. rootoftwo will also present a lecture titled ‘The Tao of P.O.O (Post-optimal Objects)’ at European University in Skopje. Now we just need to finish the project website…